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David Hasselhoff, Caroline Rhea, Barclay Hope, Jessica McLeod

Maya Fletcher (Caroline Rhea) is a workaholic Mom who’s trying to keep her job with a very demanding boss, and keep the family’s Christmas plans together. she hires Owen (David Hasselhoff) who is a well known Christmas Consultant who will handle all the holiday plans giving her the opportunity to focus on the job while Owen handles all the details. At first, things go very well, but gradually Maya begins to realize Owen is taking over her role as leader of the family Christmas plans and she misses the fun of the holidays.

This brand new lifetime holiday film has one big problem. Hasselhoff runs around through the first 2/3 of this film as a manic and very, very annoying little geek that is so annoying you really want to turn it off! That kills this film, unfortunately. It’s kind of sad, because the last 20 minutes of this film is not bad at all. It seems the insane Owen actually is hiding a secret, and once he comes down of his Christmas high, he’s actually a likeable guy. It’s a pretty fair concept for a holiday film, and it’s a shame that the Hoff chose to go so over the top annoying for the first hour of this film. It really ruins it. I can’t recommend this film because of that. Too bad, because there are too few new films each year, but this is a really painful one to sit through!

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