Andrew Gottlieb Productions, Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions,

Eloise Mumford, Catherine Bérubé, Sean Faris, Josie and Lucy Gallina

Mark (Sean Faris) is trying to get out of a relationship that is going nowhere. He’s the guardian of his sister’s little girl Holly (Gallina twins), who is suffering from the very traumatic, sudden loss of her mother. Holly doesn’t talk anymore, and none of the specialists who have seen her can help at all. So Mark decides to move in with his brothers while he tends to Holly. But he keeps bumping into Maggie (Eloise Mumford) who has just moved to the island. It’s Maggie’s dream to open her own toy store, but meanwhile she’s working on the island at a charming little toy story. But when Holly sees the toy doll house, she falls in love with it.

This is a Hallmark Hall of Fame production which usually means an exceptional film. This one isn’t all that exceptional. The story is rather predictable, and, aside from the Gallina twins who take turns playing Holly and are really charming, the performances are not all that special. There is very little chemistry in what is supposed to be a love story, and it sputters along very predictably to a forgettable ending. All in all, this could have been much better done. This premiered on ABC TV this month and will be repeated on other places, and is available on-line. The story is based on a book that is probably a decent novel, but the movie is more phoned in that put together with loving care. It’s ok, and I don’t see any reason not to watch it should it happen to be on. But I don’t suspect it’s worth tracking this one down.

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