** Lost Christmas

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Connie Hyde, Eddie Izzard, Jason Flemyng, Larry Mills

Goose (Larry Mills) is a little boy who, on one Christmas morning, makes a choice that has tragic consequences. A year later, after losing his parents last Christmas, Goose is living with his senile Grandmother who he has to take care of, and spends his time in petty crimes, selling items he’s stolen to a fence for a bit of cash. Suddenly a stranger appears who says his name is Anthony (Eddie Izzard). Anthony has no memory of who he is or where he came from, but he has an uncanny ability of being able to touch someone’s hand and learn what they have lost. What follows is a tale of a number of people, all of which have lost something precious, and Anthony adds bit by bit to the story to unravel how all the people are related in one way or another, bringing a happy ending to everyone by setting things right.

This is a very dark Christmas story that really caught be by surprise. I put this on, not expecting much of anything, and what I got was a very involved story of how our actions determine our future. Anthony is a special person, and he doesn’t seem to have any clue of why he’s able to find what people have lost or even where he himself came from. This is an English film, so I had a bit of trouble understanding the dialog some of the time because the sound was all that clear. The movie is also dark in subject matter, but just as dark in photography, so it was hard to see a lot of the time. As a result, I might have turned this off, but I am glad I didn’t. As all the stories came into focus it was one of the best wrap-ups I have ever seen. When Anthony says “I think I know how this all ends” it brought me goose bumps. This is a very unusual, but very exceptional Christmas story, and I am really glad I saw this one. Though it seems really strange for the first hour, it’s well worth sitting through it and spending the effort to follow the different characters, because they are all critical to the story. Excellent script and a really good cast. I say it’s worth seeking this one out!

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