** Seasons of Love

Game 7 Films, Good Shepard Productions, Move Mountain Productions,

Taraji P. Henson, Cleo Anthony, Shannon Kane, Method Man, Letoya Luckett, Robert Christopher Riley, Elizabeth Ho, Ana Isabelle, Richard Portnow, Gladys Knight

Kyla (Letoya Luckett) meets Amir (Cleo Anthony)and the hit things off right away. Amir runs a club with his Mom (Gladys Knight) and Pop (Richard Portnow). Things are going great when suddenly Amir’s father passes away which throws him for a loop. Around the same time Kyla’s ex shows up and is willing to do anything to get her back again. Suddenly Kyla and Amir find themselves living separate lives and both are dreadfully unhappy. Can they work through their issues and find real happiness.

Though this is advertised as a Christmas film, it isn’t really. It starts at Christmas and it finishes at Christmas a year later, but we get a look at all the seasons. It’s a pretty decent little movie with some interesting characters. It was especially nice to see Gladys Knight. She did a great job, and was a pleasure to watch. The romance element, of course, is the key to the movie, but there are lots of other problems and emotions. We’re put through the wringer with some heartfelt tragedies here. Things wrap up nicely and we’re back to a festive holiday season again. I thought this film was nicely put together, and was enjoyable to watch. It was nice to see a good romance story done with the mostly African-American cast. Many films like this fall into the silly slapstick trap, or else go to the urban ghetto tragedy stuff. This is a mainstream story with understandable problems and trials that are familiar to all people, regardless of their ethnic origin or background. It was a good story and the skin colors of the different actors made no difference at all either way. I thought this was really handled nicely.

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