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Luke Arnold, Timothy Hutton, Alexa Vega, Rhys Wakefield, Andy McPhee

Broken Hill is the story of Tommy McAlpine (Luke Arnold) who works long and hard on the sheep station in the Australian Outback. He has a talent for music and dreams of becoming a composer and performer and wants to pursue that dream, but of course, Dad doesn’t respect that at all. Tommy meets a pretty American girl in school and is mesmerized by her, but she wants nothing to do with him. Finally she ropes him into some trouble without his realizing what is going on, and they both get sent to public service. Tommy chooses to start a choir in the local prison, and Kat Rogers (Alexa Vega) tags along to learn Tommy’s true value.

This is a movie like a lot of other movies. It’s a lot like Billy Elliot or Fame or a bunch of other movies where dad doesn’t want the kid to follow his dream, but instead wants him to live his dream. But the unique parts about this film are the strong Australian backdrop and some pretty strong acting by Luke Arnold, Alexa Vega, and Timothy Hutton. It’s a pretty well done story, and is really a PG, so there’s no really offensive parts at all in the film. It’s a good family film, and a great one to pick up for a family night at home watching a DVD. You’ll learn a lot about life in the Australian outback and enjoy a strong story of some really good people trying to do their best. Its heartwarming, and funny in parts, and very inspirational. It’s a good choice for a little movie that I’m sure you’ve missed out on, and not a hyper-promoted summer blockbuster. Once in a while it’s good fun to just relax and watch a good family film without a lot of gore, sex, and violence. This is a very cute little family film.

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