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Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, David Eigenberg, Willie Garson, Evan Handler, Mario Cantone, Liza Minnelli

Set two years after the last movie and after Carrie’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) wedding, things are not so good. Carrie’s a party girl and her husband is a guy who would much rather eat at home and watch old black and white movies on TV. Carrie misses the party girl days. Charlotte (Kristin Davis) has a husband and two kids and a new nanny who’s cute and Irish and has an aversion to wearing underwear. Charlotte is a bit worried her husband likes the nanny as much or more than the kids do. Samantha (Kim Cattrall) is the same, but swings a deal that will take all the girls to Abu Dhabi for a week, all expenses paid. Off and a private airline with individual suites to a desert paradise where most of the movie takes place. Ironically, half way round the world Carrie meets an old boyfriend, Aiden (John Corbett) which complicates things.

I’ve never been a fan of Sex and the City. My first exposure to it was one time years and years ago when Netflix sent me a DVD of the first season by mistake which I did not order. I decided to try to watch it before sending it back. I did not get into it, nor did I have HBO at the time. Then when it moved to regular TV in reruns I still never watched the show. So when I watched the first movie, I did not enjoy it very much. I just didn’t get into the characters. Perhaps because this is a girls series, and girls are the only ones who get it. This second movie was a lot better for me. The subject matter was a lot more interesting. Ironically, many of the fans of the show were disappointed with this movie. So perhaps what I enjoyed from this go round is what the fans of the show disliked. Anyway, the scenery in Abu Dhabi is very nice, and there is a lot of the culture there. That part is interesting as well. Things wrap up rather quickly and it’s a bit chaotic, but I suppose that’s how the show is as well. Each of the girls has their own problems and they are dealing with them in their own ways. If you’re a fan of the show, then you may be disappointed in how this one was done, but I feel like it must be nice to find out how the characters are doing and how things are progressing.

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