20th Century Fox,

Sadie Katz, Anthony Ilott, Aqueela Zoll, Rollo Skinner, Billy Ashworth

Danny (Anthony Iilot) suddenly inherits a run down resort in Hobb Springs, so he and his friends head out to investigate his good fortune. But while there they run into a bunch of inbred locals who hang around the place. Turns out they are long lost relatives and they try to turn Danny against his friends and to join their family, and they help by killing and eating his friends one at a time.

This is the 6th film in the Wrong Turn series, and by far the weakest. The story is lame, and the concept has been rather stretched. After all, the original idea what someone who accidentally ended up taking the wrong road and ending up where they definitely shouldn’t be, but in this one, they know where they are going. Perhaps you could say it was a wrong choice, but they chose to go there. The kills are very graphic and the unrated version is rather nasty, but the story is just kind of lame. I was bored though this, and it took about 3 tries before I could make it through the whole film without falling asleep. I am a fan of horror, and usually not too hard to please, but this one is pretty bad. You might find this on late night cable, and if you’re a fan of the franchise, feel free, but I don’t recommend wasting the time on this one. Just sex and gore, blood and guts and disgusting people. Not worth it.

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