Silver Screen Partners II, Telefilm Canada, Walt Disney Pictures

Mary Steenburgen, Gary Bassaraba, Harry Dean Stanton, Arthur Hill, Elisabeth Harnois, Robbie Magwood

This film is a bit sappy, but it’s a pretty fair Christmas story.  Gideon is a Christmas angel.  Christmas angels, it seems, are sent to earth each Christmas to raise one person’s Christmas cheer.  Someone who does not like Christmas very much.  Well Abbie’s mom, Ginny, is Gideon’s subject this year.   Engaging Abbie’s help (Abbie is a little girl who still believes in Christmas, even if her mother doesn’t), Gideon sets out to teach her that Christmas is important.  (Now he could have just given her a copy of The Christmas Carol, but he decides to do it that hard way).  Well Ginny is a hard nut to crack, and she has to lose a lot to learn how much it all means to her.  And the hard times fall.  The family is already pretty hard off, and despite Dad’s wishes to provide some kind of Christmas for the kids, Mom thinks it’s a waste of money to buy toys that will break and be tossed out the same day.  Gideon has his work cut out for him, but he’s got a lot of tricks up his sleeve.   Watch to find out if he succeeds (or take a guess 🙂  ).

Very emotional, and Gideon really overacts his way through the whole thing, but Steenbergen is awesome, as usual.  It’s just that I miss Doc Brown hanging with her.  (Back to the Future 3)

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