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Kim Basinger, Lukas Haas, Craig Sheffer, Jamie Starr, Leonard Wu, Luis Chavez

While She Was Out (available on NetFlix Watch Instantly) is a thriller.  It’s a small movie, but it has it’s points.    This reminds me of  I Spit On Your Grave, although not near as graphic, yet it does have some interesting kills in it that would do Friday the 13th proud!   (If you want to be truly shocked by a movie, I Spit on Your Grave is the one to do that!  It’s hard to find, but how it managed to get released in the U.S. is amazing to me)

Della (Kim Basinger) is an abused wife with a loser jackass of a husband.  Christmas Eve she has to make a last minute trip to the mall.  No parking anywhere to be found, and some jerk in a piece of junk car is taking up two parkings spaces.   She’s got to set this right!   So she writes the driver a note and sticks it on the windshield.   Now, I’ve wanted to do that lots of times, but never quite had the guts to pull it off.  But she did it.  When she came back, she found the parking lot is almost empty, the mall is closed, and the “0wner” of the car knows who she is.

From this point we find out what a bad-ass she is, and it’s a cat and mouse game of tag, you’re it, that goes on for the rest of the movie.  Sometimes she’s meek and afraid and sometimes she’s a wildcat!

It’s not a wonderful movie, but it’s got it’s moments.  It’s not terrible either.  It’s just a middle of the road thriller with a few clever effects.   It’s filmed in British Columbia, but it’s not got spectacular scenery.  It’s rainy and muddy and pretty darn ugly really, but that’s to fit with the mood of the movie.  It’s a chase to the end, and Ms. Basinger is not a wimp by any means.

There is an ending that I thought was very obvious, but since it isn’t shown, many people were baffled by what happens at the very end.  Let’s just say,  “What did you buy me?” was probably not the right question.

I was amused throughout the movie, but never blown away, so if you want something great to watch, this isn’t great, but if you want something to kill some time with, and you’re a fan of slasher flicks, you could do much worse than this one!



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