** A Royal Christmas

Brad Krevoy Television Productions,

Lacey Chabert, Stephen Hagan, Jane Seymour, Katherine Flynn, Simon Dutton, Mitchell Mullen, Katrina Nare, Diana Dumitrescu, Vlad Ianus, Kate Loustau, Ionut Grama, Alice O’Mahoney, Annie Gould, Mihai Niculescu, Olivia Krevoy

Leo (Stephen Hagan) is studying in the U.S. where he meets Emily (Lacey Chabert) and falls deeply in love with her. However, family calls and he has to let her know that he is really Prince Leopold of Cordinia and he must go home to handle some family business, but he brings Emily with him to meet his overbearing mother Isabella (Jane Symour) who naturally despises her and does all in her power to break them up. Try as she might, Emily can’t seem to fit in. But she makes a few friends along the way, and with a few allies, she may survive the big annual Christmas ball at the palace.

This is a film made for teen girls! The poor tailor girl from Philadelphia falls in love with the future king. For the rest of us, we’ve seen this story before. But as I’ve often said, there are only a few Christmas stories. One of them is the American girl, trying to fit in to the royal family. There’s a few things wrong with this film, but there are many things right. Julie Andrews pulled off the queen who’s rather uppity and disgusted with the American way of doing things. But Jane Seymour nailed the bitchy queen role perfectly, and it was splendid to get to watch her in this movie. Lacey Chabert and Stephen Hagan were also very good, as was the staff at the palace. Naturally there’s a love interest who Leo is supposed to marry who plays her villainous role really well too. Katherine Flynn plays Natasha perfectly, scheming to win the hand of the Prince, while realizing what she’s up against. This film takes place in the mythical kingdom of Cordinia, but the immediately toss that away and switch to England immediately. Not every little kingdom in Europe has palace guards, dressed in red who can’t be made to laugh or even smile, and they don’t all eat English (and Scottish) food. It obviously coppied all the customs and traditions of England which kind of set me off a bit. I didn’t learn anything about the kingdom of Cordinia because they apparently have no customs or traditions of their own. But this is such a fun and delightful film, that I could put aside the faults I had with it, and just enjoyed the story. This is not a good enough film to go to the theater and plunk down a dozen or so dollars to watch, but as a Hallmark Christmas film, it was really good. I enjoyed the story very much, and if you’re in for a holiday romance, you can catch this on Hallmark this season.

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