** Christmas Connection

Autumn Mannitoba Productions, Cartel Pictures, The Cartel,

Brooke Burns, Steve Pacaud, Gino Anania, Erik Athavale, Tom Everett Scott, Pilar Floyd, Kristen Harris, Adam Hurtig, Emily Muir, Sophie Neudorf

Sydney (Brooke Burns) is a global hopping flight attendant who loves the life of glamor and visiting far away places. She’s looking for a wonderful tropical Christmas, but on her last flight she meets a charming little girl name Leah (Sophie Neudorf) who is flying alone to meet her Father. But when they arrive, her father Jonathan (Tom Everett Scott) is nowhere to be seen. Sydney misses her flight, but waits until Jonathan arrives and Leah is delivered to him in good spirits. She still has time to make the next flight, but after Leah and her Dad leave, Sydney sees that Leah left an important package behind. Sydney delivers it and is invited in for some Christmas activity. As time passes, Sydney finds it harder and harder to remember why a holiday in the tropics sounded so appealing as she learns the advantage of missing her flight and spending so time with her new found friends.

This was a really touching film, and a real pleasure to watch. The story was so very well written, and all the primary actors were very good. IT has just the right amount of sentiment to make it a wonderful new Christmas movie, and Sophie Neudorf does such a wonderful job as the little girl that she steals the whole movie. This film was very well done, and I really did enjoy it, and was a real pleasure to watch. Hallmark has once again done such a fabulous job bringing the Holidays to us, and I must say it is appreciated.

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