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Ted McGinley, Daniel Baldwin, Nancy Stafford, Brad Stine, Linné Bardarson, Diane Benson, Jessica Busbee, David Cuddy

Dan Reed (Ted McGinley) is the mayor of Trapper Falls, Alaska. The town has had a tradition for 50 years of putting a manger scene on the front lawn of city hall every Christmas. Suddenly this year, his old high school rival, business hot shot Mitch Bright (Daniel Baldwin) show up after 20 years announcing he is moving back into town and challenging Dan for the job of Mayor of Trapper Falls. To make things worse, he claims he’s an atheist and files an injunction against the public display of religion. The figures were hand carved and donated to the city 50 years ago and it sets of a huge rivalry between those who want them, and those who don’t. Furthermore, Mitch plans on bringing a business into the town to revive it and encourage town folk to side with him.

The title Christmas with a Capital C comes from the idea put forth that Christ is why Christmas starts with a Capital letter, and so instead of using the word Christmas, the town uses a capital C to represent it and bypass the law. This is a christian based film, but it hardly shows as they seem to handle the argument between government and religion pretty fairly, in my opinion. There is a lot going on in Mitch’s life, and he has many deeper ulterior motives for what he’s doing. The first reaction is to attack him back, but soon they figure out that that’s exactly what he wants. The citizens have to learn tolerance and forgiveness, and recognize the real meaning of Christmas. I didn’t expect a whole lot from this film, but I was pleasantly surprised. It actually was a good story, and very interesting. What better location for a Christmas film than in Alaska! The scenery is beautiful, and the story keeps moving. It was far better than I expected, and I found myself really interested in the film from start to finish. It was really a decent movie.

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